Wish List

Okay.  I know.  Yes.  You are correct.  

This is a completely self-serving page I created in the hopes that:

  • you like me or something I've written/said, and would like to get me a gift.
  • you are interested in what makes me tick and what my consumer habits might be if I had money.
  • you are looking for gift ideas for someone like me.
  • you would like to bribe me to go away or be silent for some period of time.

If any of these scenarios fits, I'm glad you visited.  If not, you probably shouldn't waste your time unless you just "feel like it."  

In any case, below are some things that I wish I had at my disposal.  Feel free to let me know if I should remove something from this list because you are shipping it to me ( in that instance, you can bother me by telephone ), or if I am somehow misguided in my "wanting" of one the following items for any reason beyond my "gross consumer appetite."