So what kind of clarity am I actually exploring in this space? The same kind I have been for a long time. Years ago when I started blogging (it has been an off & on experience), the title I picked for my site was blurried. And when I initially thought about how to explain the reason my blog was called blurried, I thought my reasoning might sound cliche or trite to some,  but that didn't really matter to me so much. What really mattered was the truth... it was called blurried because it has always been about what Jesus called the Kingdom of God. 

Jesus preached about the Kingdom of God, and showed us how we ought to live.  He told us parables as a way to illustrate what that kingdom looks like. Yet, I think if we are honest, that picture isn't always easy for us to see - at least it isn't for me.  There is so much information, knowledge, noise, and so many perspectives that it often makes the picture Jesus offers seem kind of blurry.  As I reflected on this, I began to realize that the picture itself isn't blurry, but rather the blurriness often stems from being confined to looking through certain lenses.

This site, then, is about trying to see the Kingdom of God through many different lenses in hopes that my own lenses become less blurried. I hope that somehow by trying on all these lenses and sharing what I see, my ability to see God's Kingdom will improve. Though my site has morphed in title, its primary theme has remained consistent - I'm exploring clarity through a diverse multiplicity of lenses. I am personally committed to a journey that involves trying lenses other than my own, and trying them on at frequent intervals. This practice has proved to be useful in helping me to work on myself, as well as provide some snapshots of what I think Jesus was talking about may actually look like.

So, as long as I am able, I hope to continue exploring clarity through writing about and engaging with different ideas. Moreover, I am determined to continue to try on other lenses because I wish to see the Kingdom of God more clearly. And, I also suppose that I hope that through my own attempts to see more clearly, someone will peer through the lens with me and gain a little more clarity for themselves as well.